We now have a robust records management system

When it was decided by my senior management that we needed to improve records management for our Housing and Social Work services and I was nominated to lead on this, I didn’t know where to begin. Then I was introduced to Heather who at that time was supporting our ICT service. We then started to work together with service teams from across Aberdeenshire whose records were held in various formats and on local drives that were only accessible to local staff and without any agreed file structure. The outcome of the work that Heather completed with teams was a records management system now used by staff that supports service delivery. The transition was not easy and involved identifying business processes, creating file plans, educating and supporting staff to hold records using correct naming conventions in a shared drive, that were eventually migrated to TRIM with appropriate retention and access levels set up. The whole experience was a steep learning curve and culture change for myself and service staff but Heather has left us with a robust records management system and the ability to build on this for the future.

Note: For this project Heather worked as an associate consultant with In-Form Consult

Kathy Davidson, Business Improvement Manager
Housing & Social Work
Aberdeenshire Council