Extensive knowledge and experience

Heather was involved in the process of recruiting and mentoring me in my new role as Information and Records Manager over the last 8 months. Her extensive knowledge in relation to information management, PRSA requirements and her experience with other organisations implementing digital solutions in relation to records was invaluable to me. Heather is also heavily involved in the wider RM movement and encourages shared practice across all local authorities and collaborative working. In addition to this her own personal knowledge of the challenges faced by RM professionals given the current legislative requirements is wide reaching and at all levels, professional and personal. This has been really helpful and has provided me with some much needed encouragement and support when I have needed it.

Isabella Holmes, Information and Records Manager
East Dunbartonshire Council

Heather makes retention schedules exciting!

It’s difficult to make retention schedules exciting, but Heather gave an absorbing and comprehensive presentation at an event I organised for a network of Information Champions. From start to finish – the importance of retention schedules, plus some practical advice, in 45 minutes. And all delivered to a mixed ability audience from absolute beginners to leading professionals.

Alex Morrice, Records/Information Manager

We now have a robust records management system

When it was decided by my senior management that we needed to improve records management for our Housing and Social Work services and I was nominated to lead on this, I didn’t know where to begin. Then I was introduced to Heather who at that time was supporting our ICT service. We then started to work together with service teams from across Aberdeenshire whose records were held in various formats and on local drives that were only accessible to local staff and without any agreed file structure. The outcome of the work that Heather completed with teams was a records management system now used by staff that supports service delivery. (more…)

Kathy Davidson, Business Improvement Manager
Aberdeenshire Council

Memorable presentations

Heather Jack is one of the very few stand-up records managers who can be guaranteed always to raise a laugh. With her irrepressible grin and one hand held aloft, finger pointed to the sky, she makes what might appear the dull monotony of records management exciting. Something every sane person should aspire to.


Professor Michael Moss, Director of the IMP MSc programme
University of Glasgow