• Aberdeen City Council

    Developed cross-council business classification scheme and linked life-cycle retention schedules building the foundations of an information life-cycle governance framework.

    In addition developed associated Service file plans to implement the framework and carried out a current state assessment providing a findings and recommendations report  to support  transition to electronic information and records … Read More

    Sector: Local Government
  • Aqua Marine Power

    Sector: Renewable Energy
  • Glasgow School of Art

    Review of physical records store and delivery of an action plan to clear the store, advising on their retention and disposal status. The project had a longer term goal of raising awareness of the benefits to the organisation of improved information and records management and governance.

  • Live Language

    Supported the language school’s business development plans and helped them achieve British Council accreditation by developing and implementing an information management strategy and action plan; tasks involved reviewing and analyzing existing information management practices, identifying business requirements, developing a fileplan and file naming convention and applying these across paper and … Read More

    Sector: Education
  • EKOS Consulting

    Design and implementation of a Knowledge Management (KM) system; tasks included information audit and analysis, organisation specific thesaurus, specification, supplier selection, project management of implementation, system testing, user training, creation of information strategy, policies and procedures, development of KM techniques and processes, system and process monitoring and auditing

    Sector: Economic Development
  • Robert Thompson Designs

    Sector: Architecture
  • Highland Council

    Mapping of business classification scheme, records retention schedule and external facing business process listing to support MS Sharepoint implementation project

    Sector: Local Government
  • Stenna Drilling

    Document Management system requirements review support

    Sector: Energy
  • Oil and Pipeline Agency

    Information Management Current State Assessment

    Sector: Energy
  • Scottish Housing Associations

    Delivered a range of in-house and public training courses on behalf of Scottish Federation of Housing Associations including practical Data Protection compliance and Information Management

    Sector: Social Housing
  • Office of the Scottish Information Commissioner

    Development and implementation of RM system including policy, procedures, competencies and role-based training, business classification and retention schedules, document management system; FOI(S)A S61 RM Code Compliance audits; internalising RM function within the organisation.

  • Scottish National Park Authorities

    Developing filing, indexing and retention standards to support IM and RM improvement (and help the comply with the Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011

  • South Lanarkshire Council

    EDRMS business case and procurement support; E-planning scanning and capture options appraisal

    Sector: Local Government
  • North Lanarkshire Council

    Business case for corporate approach to IM improvement; EDRMS procurement support;

    Sector: Local Government
  • North Ayrshire Council

    EDRMS business case and business preparedness report

    Sector: Local Government
  • East Dunbartonshire Council

    IM strategy implementation support including   RM awareness sessions and guidance as part of wider property rationalisation project; Recruitment and mentoring of corporate information and records manager;   Shared drive file rationalisation pilot

    Sector: Local Government
  • Dumfries and Galloway Council

    Review of records management pilot in Social Work

    Sector: Local Government
  • City of Edinburgh Council

    Developed series of RM guides and basic RM training presentation

    Sector: Local Government
  • Carlisle County Council

    Options report for selecting technology solution to support document and records management

    Sector: Local Government
  • Scottish Council on Archives

    Developed generic records retention schedules for all Scottish Local Authority Functions (SCARRS). The complete set of schedules and associated guidance were launched in two phase in June 2010 and 2011 and delivery also included a process for the on-going maintenance and development of the schedules to ensure they remain fit … Read More

    Sector: Local Government
  • Angus Council

    RM awareness training to middle managers; Records retention schedule development and implementation to clear paper store as part of HQ move.

    Sector: Local Government
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Housing and Social Work

    Support for records management improvement initiative in Housing and Social Work including shared drive file rationalisation, migration to corporate EDRMS and internalising of the records management function. This has included the alignment of each IM improvement project with the Services’ current business plans, national performance targets and regulatory obligations to … Read More

    Sector: Local Government
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Corporate

    Corporate scanning and capture options appraisal; Procurement support for electronic document and records management system (EDRMS);

    Sector: Local Government