Information governance – Nirvana or 1984?

Information governance – Nirvana or 1984?” is the title of the key note paper I will be delivering at the IRMS Conference at the Celtic Manor Resort in Wales in May this year.

Much to my excitement (and trepidation), my paper has been selected as one of four key note sessions. Here is the synopsis of the paper:

At the heart of Orwell’s 1984 is an information governance (IG) framework, well planned and executed to achieve its goals.

IG is not a good thing in itself. It depends on what motivates it, who sets the agenda for its developmental drivers and who controls it. 1984 is a work of fiction but there are many real world examples where the power of IG has been recognised and hijacked by those in influential economic and political positions for less than altruistic purposes. Equally many well-intentioned IM and IT strategies have been developed in pursuit of an unattainable IG Nirvana –strong on principles but weak on realistic requirements and goals.

IRM practitioners have a key role in the destiny and direction of IG. Using literary anecdotes and real life examples, this session examines this role, and the conflicting challenges and responsibilities it brings with it:

  • the conflict between economic, political, moral and social IG drivers
  • different interpretations of IG within different business and public sector disciplines

It then provides some conclusions on how the IRM community can drive forward an IG agenda whose destination is neither an impossible Nirvana nor a 1984 but is holistic, realistic and achievable.

IRMS 2013 conference session on the psychology of effective IM goes down a storm

Heather’s session on “The psychology of effective records and information management” was very well received at the Information and Records Management Society conference held in an almost sunny Brighton last week (May 19th – 21st).

The session focussed on the importance of engaging with all people impacted by any IRM improvement initiative, ensuring that their needs are identified,  their concerns (perceived or real) addressed throughout the process from planning to implementation and on-going review. Heather introduced the audience to a number of typical information personalities and change attitudes that she has identified through her work.  Attendees in the packed-out room were encouraged to share their experiences and there was general agreement that the “people” aspect of Information and Records Management is vital but often neglected. Continue reading

Fellowship Awards at IRMS Conference 2013

IRMS Fellows

IRMS Fellows

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the Information and Records Management Society announced the first 30 IRMS Fellows at its annual conference Gala Dinner on Sunday 19th May. Heather was delighted to find herself one of the recipients and congratulates her fellow Fellows!

The grade of Fellowship is designed to acknowledge the most senior and respected professionals in the field of Information & Records Management. Continue reading